Look deeper into protest

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Regarding the Wall Street protest: It’s one thing for angry, unemployed people to demand a guaranteed living wage — regardless of employment, a $20/hour minimum wage, trillions more in government spending, open borders, socialized health care, a free college education, forgiveness of all debt on the planet ( and so forth). It’s quite another thing for a powerful U.S. senator, Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, to attack the Bank of America by saying “vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank!” Does this senator really want B of A to collapse? Does he wish to create an additional 288,000 Americans eligible for welfare, food stamps or UIB? How about breaking up the bank instead of putting people out of work? I am no friend of Wall Street or big banks (we like our Auburn credit union), and I too desire to see incarceration of, or restitution by, those guilty of criminal malfeasance. However, there’s no telling what this angry, growing, populist movement will lead to — who will control or fund it — and I think, in any situation, people need to be careful about what they wish for. Actions governed by anger can have serious, and unintended, consequences. BILL HARDER, SR., Auburn