Looking for the perfect pet presents?

Auburn stores offer toys, clothes, food and more
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Are you looking for gift ideas for your furry family members this Christmas? Auburn stores have a variety of fun, quirky and cute presents for your pets. Pet Xing Owner Larry Taylor said big dogs would love to gnaw on a smoked 15-inch cow femur bone that comes in a gift-wrapped box. The bone sells for $12.99. Comfy items to keep your pet warm are also a great gift, Taylor said. “There is always the old sweaters and blankets,” he said. “Coats are always good this time of year. A nice bed is a pretty nice gift.” Pet sweaters range in price from $10-$30 and beds are $18-$70, Taylor said. The store also sells cat and dog stockings as well as Christmas-inspired wearable items. “There are bandanas that go around their necks along with antlers that go on their heads,” Taylor said. Taylor said his Boston terrier, Zoey, loves certain kinds of gifts. “My little dog I have, it likes little toys it can play with,” he said. Incredible Pets offers a number of eatables, toys and decorations for dogs and cats this Christmas. Some of the toys include snowmen that sing, Christmas hearts that say naughty and nice and kitty mistletoe mice. The toys range in price from $6-$24, said Jessica Arasmith, Incredible Pets manager. To make your dog feel more festive, the store sells “Kiss Me” antlers with fake mistletoe attached and white fluffy halo headgear. The store’s chewy treats include some holiday themed items as well, including Bingo Buck Antler Chews, which start at $17. “We just got in these antler (treats), which have been flying off the shelves,” Arasmith said. The store also sells locally made Bow Wow-licious and Vibra Pet treats. Some of the Bow Wow-licious dog cookies are hand painted with yogurt. “Those are really popular at Christmas,” Arasmith said. “(The maker) does special Christmas wrapping.” The Vibra Pet treats don’t contain whole wheat, corn or soy, so they are good for dogs with allergies, Arasmith said. Bow Wow-licious treats range in price from $2.99-$10, and Vibra Pet treats are $5.50. Arasmith said she has a couple of suggestions when it comes to buying your pet a gift for Christmas. “The pet has to like it first of all,” she said. “We always recommend going with your pet’s favorite treat or toy, one they don’t get very often so they know it’s a special occasion. For the most part, anything that smells good is a good treat for a dog.” The store also offers pre-stuffed and empty pet stockings, Christmas collars and a new wet cat food called Fussie Cat. “That would be a good thing for a cat for a Christmas dinner,” Arasmith said. Family Farm Supply sells a Loofa Dog toy, which is a long hot-dog shaped toy that resembles a stretched dachshund. “They love this,” said Christy Penner, a Family Farm Supply associate. “They love to carry this around because it flops.” Penner said her corgi can usually tear through the seams of toys, but hasn’t been able to with the Loofa Dog. Loofa Dogs are $10.95 each. Other popular potential gift items include Skinneeez toys, which have squeakers in them, but no stuffing, and are made to look like various animals. They are $7.95 each. The store also sells a number of different sized chewables for dogs. “People really like to get pig ears,” Penner said. “These are the favorites: cow hooves and pig ears. (They are) very tasty for the dog.” No matter what gift you decide to get your pets this Christmas, it’s good to keep them in mind, Arasmith said. “We love our pets, and it’s very important we acknowledge them at Christmas time, just like everyone else,” she said. Reach Bridget Jones at ------------------------------------------------------- Where to get your pets gifts Pet Xing: 13460 Lincoln Way, Auburn. Call (530) 823-7387 Incredible Pets: 1775 Grass Valley Highway, suite A, Auburn. Call (530) 885-7711 Family Farm Supply: 313 Nevada St., Auburn. Call (530) 885-5092 Petco: 2635 Bell Road, Auburn. Call (530) 745-9830 ------------------------------------------------------ Placer County K-9s get holiday treats A local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, donated two large boxes of Milk Bone treats to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office K-9 dogs last week, according to Dena Erwin, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office. The woman said she had seen the dogs before and just loved them, Erwin said. “Somebody always seems to come up with things for our dogs, which is nice,” Erwin said Friday. “All the K-9s will get a big supply of Milk Bone dog treats.” ------------------------------------------------------- Holiday pet tips As we enjoy the holiday season, Placer SPCA, local companion animal welfare experts, urges pet owners to take precautions for the safety of your four-legged friends. 1. Keep all human food out of reach of your pets. Some of the ingredients in your holiday treats, such as chocolate and raisins, are actually poisonous for dogs. Any unfamiliar foods can give your dog or cat an upset stomach. 2. Keep decorations out of reach of playful pets. Electrical cords pose a threat for pets who chew, while tinsel is a choking hazard and broken ornaments can injure your pet. 3. Keep identification tags on your pets at all times, and be sure they have a quiet area in your home. With changes to their surroundings and increased activity in your home, your pet may experience stress and be more likely to escape. The Placer SPCA strongly recommends microchipping your dog and cat, even if they typically remain indoors. Microchips are available at Placer SPCA for just $20. 4. Do not give a pet as a gift. Pet ownership can be a 10-to 20-year commitment, and the new owner should have the opportunity to understand the responsibility, be prepared, and choose the companion animal that is right for them. 5. Adopt, don’t shop. If you or someone you know plans to get a new pet this holiday season, please adopt from your local animal shelter or a reputable rescue organization. There are hundreds of homeless animals in your community who are looking for the best gift of all this season – a loving home. Placer SPCA is offering all cats and kittens to great homes with no adoption fee during the month of December. If you have questions regarding animal care and behavior or adopting a pet this holiday season, contact the Placer SPCA at (916) 782-7722 or (530) 885-7387 or visit Source: Placer County SPCA