Losing trust in Jerry Brown

Reader Input
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An open letter to Attorney General Jerry Brown. Dear Sir: When it came time to defend Prop. 8 in federal court, you decided to pass. Keep in mind that Prop. 8 had become law by a vote of the people of California. Since you have failed to remain faithful to your sworn oath as attorney general, how can I possibly have confidence that you would be faithful to your oath as governor? You leave me dangling. What kind of governor would you be? Then there is the “age factor.” Really, think about it. Surely, I do not have to score the ramifications of that scenario. Four years is a very long time, and you are not getting any younger. Let me end by saying, “If there is a God — I say God Bless Imperial County.” They, at least, have stepped forward to defend the law of the state of California. It is amazing, but both Governor Schwarzenegger and you (Jerry Brown) have abrogated your duty. Al SIMONS, Auburn