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Loss of beloved teacher eased by supportive souls

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In times of difficulty having professionals to support you is so important. I am a teacher at Chana High School and co-teach in the SDC Program with Mike Weaver. He died suddenly on Monday and this had potentially disastrous consequences for our students. My thanks are to the wonderful people who work for the Placer County Chaplaincy. Shortly after the school day began there were four chaplains, as well as our school social worker Nicole Laubach, in my classroom as we processed the news. Their support and comfort made a terrible situation all the better. I cannot thank them enough. I also want to thank Gus Thomson, Auburn Journal staff writer, for his compassionate story in today’s paper (April 2). He walked with my class as we went up Stagecoach Trail and was kind and loving with the students. I am again very thankful for his gentleness with the students and the kind story. Mike deserved this. Jeff Moore Grass Valley