Love abounds for Edward the vampire

Locals hurry up and wait for midnight opening of 'Eclipse'
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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While it wasn’t quite as hot as many girls might think Taylor Lautner’s abs are, groups of people waiting for the midnight showing of “Eclipse” were definitely experiencing some heat Tuesday. Groups of girls, women and boys were camping out in the summer sun Tuesday for Wednesday’s midnight showing of the latest “Twilight” saga movie in front of Auburn’s Regal Stadium 10. Some girls said they arrived as early as 10 a.m. Auburn resident Courtney McArthur, 15, said the wait gave her a chance to hang out with her friends. “I’ve read the books, all of them, and I have always kind of liked the movies,” McArthur said. “I have gone to all the midnight showings. I figured it’s just something to do with my friends, waiting for 13-odd hours. And it makes me feel cool.” As McArthur and her friends were waiting, they were approached and asked if they would sell their tickets for $100 each. They said no. Christina Lehigh, 15, of Auburn, said there are several parts of the books and movies that appeal to audiences. “I think girls like the idea of a mysterious guy … and Jacob is really good looking,” Lehigh said. “I think if they were not books first, I don’t think I would be that into them.” Meadow Vista resident Megan Boal, 18, said waiting for the movie to start is a good bonding experience for her and her sister. “We are going to be sitting out here all day,” Boal said. “She has ‘Twilight.’ I’ve got ‘Eclipse’ to read.” Auburn resident Katie Anzilotti, 13, and her friends Madaline Andrasz, 12, of Newcastle, and Lauren Faith, 13, of Newcastle, were enjoying the wait by eating cupcakes and cookies made especially for the event, watching movies on their iPods and talking about whether they liked Edward or Jacob more. Anzilotti said fans have to get to the theater early to get good seats. “I read all the books, and they are so good and you get really excited, so you want to see the movies,” Anzilotti said. Anzilotti said there were huge crowds for the midnight showing of “New Moon,” the second installment in the “Twilight” series, and she expects a larger turnout for “Eclipse.” “‘Eclipse’ I think is going to be better, because it’s a better book,” she said. Andrasz said she couldn’t wait to see where the movie picks up after the ending of “New Moon.” “The last movie left me so speechless at the end,” Andrasz said. “I wanted to see how they started the new movie with their ending.” Faith said there are several things she likes about the books and movies. “I just like how it’s not real life,” Faith said. “It has things that really are not real, but they can play them so well in the movie. It gets people obsessed with it. My other favorite part is when Taylor Lautner takes off his shirt.” Anzilotti said she heard fans in Los Angeles have waited for a week in front of theaters to see the midnight showing. “I’ve watched TV shows where they have gone through the mobs and the most obsessed people,” Andrasz said. “It’s crazy.” Lincoln resident Stephen Liechty, 13, said there are several reasons why he was willing to wait 10 hours for the opening. “I wanted to get a good spot for the movie, and because we are here with 17 people, so we need a lot of seats, and I read all the books,” Liechty said. The opening of “Eclipse” was expected to start with a showing of “Twilight” and “New Moon” for those interested in seeing all three movies in a row. Reach Bridget Jones at