Love your pet but don’t let it harm

Reader Input
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Like everyone else I’ve been reading and keeping up on the recent incident of the four pitbull dogs’ attack in Downtown Auburn. I agree with one of the readers, that I would not be walking or going to the area where the recent attacks happened. That is an area where we park our car on numerous occasions. My concern is that we would be unable to ward off the attack of four dogs – I’m not sure we could even ward off one dog. When they are that angry and vicious it just isn’t something that almost any person could ward off. When I was raising my children we had a German shepherd dog. That dog was gentle and sweet with my children and family. But the minute she heard the mailman touch our mailbox outside the front door, she turned into a gnarling, angry dog. If she had ever bitten the mailman – I would have put her to sleep. That was the way we were raised, when I was younger and had dogs. There is a responsibility for dog owners. Their dog does not have the value of another human being. You can love and appreciate your pet – but they do not have the right to attack a person. JEANNETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn