Lower-than-average donation levels targeted in Placer, regional nonprofit campaign

By: Journal Staff Report
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A regional, multi-media outreach campaign seeking to transform how area residents support local nonprofit groups is now underway. “GiveLocalNow” is a multi-year response to research conducted by the Greater Sacramento Generosity Project that found residents in a greater Sacramento area that includes Placer County are less likely to give to charitable organizations and donate fewer dollars annually than the national average. Based on information collected from 2,000 households in the region, the study revealed that 62 percent of households give to charities, compared to a national average of 66 percent. The campaign’s goal is to close the gap and bring the regional average for nonprofit support up to at least 67 percent. Placer County Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery attended the campaign kickoff in Sacramento on Thursday. She said that government budgets are shrinking just as needs within the community are growing – and non-profits face increasing demand for their services. “We’re really going to have to look more to private industry and private individuals to step up, and I count myself among those individuals,” Montgomery said. Jessica Hubbard, philanthropic services manager for the Auburn-based Placer Community Foundation, said non-profits provide a wide variety of positive services – from helping youth and seniors, to animal welfare, to promoting the arts, and feeding displaced people. “These are things that affect everybody,” Hubbard said. “And everybody should consider doing what they can to pitch in and support their local non-profit.” The campaign seeks to increase the average annual contribution from regional households that give from $1,990, to the national average of $2,355, and encourage a significant increase in the share of charitable giving that supports local nonprofits. In addition, the campaign hopes to drive a significant increase in the share of charitable giving that supports local nonprofits. 91 percent of households surveyed believed it is important to give locally, while only 63 percent of donations were made to local organizations. The campaign seeks to increase the local share of giving to 68 percent. Achieving all three “GiveLocalNow” campaign goals will boost yearly contributions to regional nonprofits by nearly $250 million. An advertising campaign will start airing on TV and radio, and appearing on billboards throughout a four county region, including Placer. Each advertisement communicates the message “Live Here, Give Here” through portrayals of a variety of charitable giving opportunities to support the vital work of area nonprofits.