Lynch mob mentality ruled

Reader Input
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I must agree with Herb Tanimoto (Reader Input, Sept 6). Congressman (Tom) McClintock’s recent meetings on health care have been a far cry from “town hall democracy.” Rather they have seemed like an occasion for all the district’s angry and frustrated people to come out and rant against liberalism, big government and anything Democratic. To question or oppose health care reform is one thing, but to try and equate it with Socialism, communism, fascism, or the current situation in Ethiopia makes a reasonable discussion impossible. And rather than moderate effectively or appeal to the best in the audience, McClintock essentially added to the lynch mob mentality by wrapping it all in patriotism. His conduct was shameful. In addition to their anger, I was struck by the absolute lack of compassion among the plan’s opponents, by any concern for their neighbors or the less fortunate among us. It was all, “I’ll take care of my family and to hell with anyone else.” I suppose most of those people would also call themselves Christians, as well. One wonders what their song will be if they find themselves out of work or with a pre-existing condition that makes it impossible for them to get insurance. Ethiopia and Russian Czars – get real, people! LARRY W. SMITH, Auburn