Mad as hell at hospital

Reader Input
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With regard to the closing of the Auburn Faith Family Birthing Center, I have to agree with most of what that person wrote in last Friday’s Reader Input (Peter Newman, “Let us rally in support of birth center”), except I think he was way too polite. Sutter Health is, in my opinion, a bunch of shortsighted petty thieves for going ahead with this closure. Tell the expectant mothers from Cool, Foresthill, Grass Valley, Georgetown, Colfax and Dutch Flat that having to go to Roseville is going to be more convenient. “Access to care,” indeed. I’ve got absolutely nothing against Roseville or Sacramento. I, like many others in the area, rely sometimes on these places for work. But I also take pride in the fact that we are not Roseville and don’t want to be similar to it or part of it. If it’s all about money, let’s not forget Sutter Health is a nonprofit (whatever that really means) who reputedly made $810 million last year. Oh, and let’s also not forget that Sutter Health apparently recently gave $1 million to help keep the Kings in Sacramento. Nice. Perhaps the Birthing Center isn’t making enough profit by some standards but sometimes in business there has to be a little give and take within departments to keep the whole facility running smoothly and coherently. The bottom line is neither Auburn Faith nor Auburn will be complete without the Birthing Center and all its functions. Perhaps Sutter Health Sacramento’s ultimate plan over the next few years is to close the entire hospital, bit by bit. By then I’m afraid we’ll all have woken up a little too late. This all really makes me mad as hell. Perhaps there are some legal wizards out there who can find avenues for keeping this important part of the community intact. Wake up, Sutter Faith. Maybe we won’t be so faithful to you if you do relocate. Then there will be options. Friday’s letter writer mentioned he thought Sutter Faith management should have more backbone. Maybe he’s got it all wrong. Maybe it’s the citizens of our small towns here who lack the backbone. MIKEY SMITH, Foresthill