A made in China Merry Christmas

Reader Input
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We are encouraged to shop Auburn so that our dollars stay in town and benefit the community. That is good in principle, but is very flawed considering how many of our stores’ almost entire offering is made in China. I know that many of our retailers get catalogs of merchandise they can stock their stores with for Christmas, and they purchase the items because they are Christmas-related, and will sell. What they probably don’t see in those catalogs is that most of the offerings for ornaments, lights, cards, Christmas paper, decorating items, the Santa Claus, manger scenes and angels are all made in China. I am sure that the manufacturers in China must really celebrate after Christmas as they record another banner year of sales for their products in the U.S.A. Meanwhile more American companies are closing and going bankrupt. All Hallmark ornaments say made in China, their cards say made in China, Office Max and Staples Christmas paper says made in China, the ornaments at Lowes or Home Depot say made in China. Our light bulbs in Rite Aid say made in China, as does just about everything else in Target or Kmart. Do we even make anything in this country anymore? No wonder there are no jobs! All of our retailers stock Chinese-made goods. Wake up, America. We are selling our country down the river with our buying habits. Paul M. Harman, Auburn