Maintain vigilance during holidays

Reader Input
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I am writing this letter as a warning to locals on this holiday season. My 22-year-old daughter was doing some shopping, first to Safeway and then to Ross. From there she went to Walgreens for a short stop, then home. When she got home she went to get her bags out of the car and realized that all the stuff she had bought was gone. She called Walgreens right away to ask if anything was picked up on their surveillance cameras, then she called the sheriff. Walgreens was quick to call her back and let her know that their cameras clearly showed a car pulling in behind her and as soon as she went into the store a man got out, opened the back door of her car and took the bags. Clearly they followed her from Ross because they didn’t steal anything of value that was in the front seat and knew exactly which door to open to get the bags. I understand that she should have locked her car but the simple fact that they followed her and watched her is a bit scary. So please, if you are out shopping, lock your doors and be vigilant of those around you because we aren’t living in the same Auburn anymore. Jennifer Medrano, Auburn