Majority speaks against Bohemia

Reader Input
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Regarding Mr. Steve Cavolt’s ad in the Journal on Sunday, Aug. 23, he attempts again to spin what little support has been manifested for the Bohemia project into a “cast of thousands.” The Bohemia Project supercenter, a likely Wal-Mart, has been opposed as proposed by every speaker — more than 80, at the first planning commission hearing in March, 140 letters in opposition to the draft EIR, delaying the final EIR by many months into July, several letters and speakers at each ensuing MAC and planning commission meetings, until the final planning commission meeting, where about 35 people spoke against the project, and Mr. Cavolt had been able to muster 10 to speak in support. The people he mentions in his ad are the only bloggers and letter writers mentioned, because they are the only ones who have written in support of Bohemia. Auburn area residents have spoken in mass numbers about this proposed beast in their area and have garnered 629 Facebook fans against the proposal. (Jim) Conkey and Cavolt have no true convincing facts to support their project, and their “thousands of supporters” have yet to be heard. VICTORIA CONNOLLY, Auburn, member APACE