Make access safest, not cheapest

Reader Input
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Thank you for giving the citizens of Auburn the opportunity to voice an opinion of the proposed Baltimore Ravine project. I am writing as a long-time resident of Auburn and a homeowner in the Sierra Vista Del Valle subdivision. First, I am not opposed to developing the last large open space in the city of Auburn. But I do encourage the city to put the safety concerns of our current citizens ahead of developers’ profits. I oppose using Herdal Drive as the primary access point for this proposed project. Pacific Street is still, as it was many years ago, the safest and most logical entry into Baltimore Ravine. Using Herdal Drive extension as the primary access will cause irreparable damage from traffic and noise, as well as safety issues, for all the residents in the 79 homes in the Oak View Terrace and Sierra Vista Del Valle subdivisions. This proposed project of 790 dwelling units and commercial space will bring non-residential traffic through a residential area. The traffic on Herdal Drive already produces safety concerns for the residents and the patrons of the businesses at Auburn Folsom Road with the entrances on Herdal Drive. Herdal Drive is limited in space due to the homes along Oak View Terrace and Norman Lane. Pacific Street can be built to adequately address the proposed and future high level of residential and commercial traffic without adversely affecting the current residents in these two subdivisions. Pacific Street is an excellent alternative to Herdal Drive as the primary access to the Baltimore Ravine area. I ask the city to put the safety of Auburn’s current residents and the safety of future Baltimore Ravine residents ahead of developers’ profits. Make the access the safest, not the cheapest. Use Pacific Street as the primary access to Baltimore Ravine. Norm and Irene Chavez, Auburn