Make Obama a one-term leade

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President Obama’s done so many things that are actively harmful to our nation and freedoms. He appointed an attorney general who oversaw “Fast and Furious” and has made biased and foolish decisions. He appointed a Department of Homeland Security head who’s so delusional she actually says the U.S./Mexico border is the most secure it’s been, and the drug war in Mexico isn’t lost. Illegals and billions in drugs continue to pour across our border. According to the Trans-Border Institute, 50,000 people have been murdered by drug cartels in Mexico. President Obama appointed 34 “czars,” people who weren’t vetted by Congress. Now President Obama decides the Catholic Church has no right to the First Amendment and chose to abridge the church’s beliefs and rights by presidential fiat! None of this takes into account the staggering economic damage and waste from he and his minions! Have you heard of the Tonopah Solar Company? Almost three-quarter billion tax dollars are going to a company that will create 45 jobs! And Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law is a major player in that company! The United States under President Obama is like a leaky lifeboat. And the only tool he has to fix it is a power drill! Make him a one-term president and flush Washington, D.C. in 2012! Rocky Warren, Colfax