Make state park users pay ‘fee’

Reader Input
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Well, here we go again with yet another “fee” on our vehicles, this time to “save our state parks” (Journal, Oct. 12). Unbelievable that the state would dare to try to shove another “fee” (tax!) on us citizens, who already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation. How about charging those who actually use the parks a “fee” for said usage. I do not use any of the state parks and I would really resent having to pay the “fee” for usage since I have two registered vehicles. I certainly don’t need an extra $36 in fees/taxes on top of the already outrageous amounts I currently pay. This is disgusting. Those who use the parks should pay to enter and use them. Those of us who don’t use them should not be taxed for those who do. Enough already. People need jobs, not more taxes. Donna McCloskey, Auburn