Make way for socialist U.S.A.

Reader Input
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I agree with the comments of (letter writers) Bob Velon and Sandy Campbell in their assessment that our country sits at the crossroads of losing what made her great. History has shown the same tactics that Obama is using were used in Germany in the 1930s and were used in Iran as well as many other countries that are run by dictators. This man is trying to work rapidly to change our lives before people realize what is happening. Government has never run anything well so how can we expect them to run the automobile industry, health care, Wall Street, energy and every other part of our lives? One step at a time, Obama is taking over our country and next it will be his own private army. I can only hope that people wake up soon. It is time to rebel and call our representatives as well as vote out those who do not listen. Wake up! Ann Laman, Auburn