Makeup studio helps with everything from a 10-minute face to special event look

By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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For Tanya Hibbard, makeup is not about improving something that’s wrong. It’s about fun and empowerment. Hibbard recently opened Cherry Glitters Makeup Studio in Downtown Auburn where she offers services for bridal and special events and provides classes in applications. “I saw a need for it,” she said this week. “With most of the artists I know, there’s a minimum for them to travel to location and do makeup. For people with small weddings, that’s not ideal. I wanted to do something that caters to smaller weddings where maybe just the bride needs makeup done and she could come into the studio for that.” She also wants to it to be a more user-friendly experience for women. “I found in talking to a lot of my women friends that they were really intimidated by makeup (as it is marketed by) these young 20-year-olds with perfect skin at the makeup counter at the mall,” she said. The classes and workshops are a major focus. “(It’s) demystifying makeup and having (participants) have a more empowering relationship with what they see in the mirror every day,” she said. “I work very closely with an organization in the Bay Area called Women Enough. It teaches body and image self-acceptance and awareness. It’s really kind of countering what we’re told in the media — that you’re only good enough if you look a certain way. You can love yourself and be accepted and you’re perfect just the way you are. I’m really excited to support that philosophy.” Hibbard has lived in the foothills since she was a young teen. Her Lincoln Way business is within walking distance of her residence. “I have a lot of love for Auburn and the Downtown area,” she said. She’s always been artistic, but didn’t channel it into makeup until she was about 30. “My mom never showed me how to wear makeup,” she said. “I was totally clueless about it. When I was growing up, there didn’t seem to be some place you could go to learn about makeup.” She started by showing friends how to apply makeup in a simple way and “it kind of grew from there.” She accepts walk-ins in addition to appointments. Services can range from teaching how to apply a 10-minute face to (creating a look) for a senior portrait, a wedding or even a date night. Hibbard uses makeup brands from small independently owned women’s businesses. She also sells a few makeup items and may expand that part of the business. “I saw a niche market here,” she said. “… I want to nurture community within all the local salons. If there’s something I don’t do, I am incredibly happy to direct (clients) to someplace that’s within walking distance.” One of her clients is Bonnie Rose, a former Sacramento resident who now lives in Oakland. “I went to a New Year’s Eve party and (Hibbard) was doing the makeup of several people who were going, so had her do my makeup, too,” Rose said. “She and I are stylistically very different but she totally got who I am. One of the first things she did was look at the makeup I was wearing and talk about what I was doing well. Then she said what her first impression of me was visually and what she could do to enhance my appearance. She was so warm. I can’t emphasize enough how warm she is and how sweet.” Hibbard attends three or four major trade shows each year and takes classes “taught by top names in the makeup industry.” “It’s important to keep up with trends,” she said. Hibbard’s studio fees range from $30 to $100. “I’m happy to tailor sessions to what someone needs and price it accordingly,” she said. The name of the salon reflects her philosophy about the job. “I don’t think of myself too seriously or this in general,” she said. “Makeup is not rocket science. It should just be really fun.” Reach Gloria Young at --------------------- Cherry Glitters Makeup Studio Where: 906 Lincoln Way, Downtown Auburn Hours: Tuesday-Saturday by appointment Website: