Maki the clear choice for PCWA

Reader Input
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Auburn area voters have a clear choice in the race for the Placer County Water Agency District 5 seat. Former Auburn mayor and businesswoman Cheryl Maki is the most qualified candidate to continue the fight to protect our important water rights, preserve our watershed and be a faithful fiscal watchdog of your water revenue and tax dollars while keeping water rates low. Cheryl Maki is the only candidate from the Auburn area in the race, so she is the only candidate who knows our community’s unique water needs and concerns. The Auburn area has not had a resident on the PCWA board for over 20 years, and it is time for our community to be fairly represented on this important agency’s board. Besides several decades of service to the community as a mayor, city councilwoman and devoted community volunteer, Cheryl Maki has also served on the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, the only candidate in this race to serve on this significant board that ensures that the water in our area of the state is safe and clean. Please join dozens of Auburn community leaders, business owners and longtime residents in voting for Cheryl Maki for PCWA District 5. Cheryl Maki is on our side in the fight to seize the water future of the Auburn area at a time of acute need and limited dollars. FRANK FORD, Auburn