Man, age 84, victimized twice

Reader Input
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An 84-year-old man was victimized again by the judicial system in Placer County. His home was severely damaged by an intoxicated juvenile who “stole” a friend’s vehicle and then lost control and struck his home. Roseville police did a poor job by not identifying the source of the alcohol. The district attorney also failed to find the source of alcohol and when the juvenile went through the system his punishment included making restitution in the amount of $50 a month for a total of $9,000-plus. Well, do the math. At 84 years of age, he will never be repaid for his losses. This is where he becomes victimized a second time. He had to pay the deductible out of his own pocket for something he had no control over. Where is the justice, Placer County? David Frey, Roseville