Marijuana ordinance ridiculous

Reader Input
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I agree 100 percent with Chris Novak quoted as telling the Rocklin City Council “Shame on you,” (Journal, Jan. 2). Where are your priorities, council? I voted for you, Diana (Ruslin) and Scott (Yuill), spoke with both of you personally before the election, and this ridiculous new ordinance banning outdoor growing is where my trust in you has led? Seriously? You choose this decision while you allow Sacramento Black Rifle to operate unhassled? City Attorney Russell Hildebrand cited reasoning for the ordinance that “people look out their bedroom window and see a large marijuana grow and they worry about the circumstances and sometimes things happen.” Things like what? I have to drive by the large neon assault rifle sign on the business with the blacked-out doors every day. Where is the ordinance against that? I am much more concerned about the circumstances surrounding that business and the possibility of something happening than I am about a mellowed-out pot smoker. Personally I would much rather live with a neighbor who is operating within his rights to treat his medical condition than have a neighbor who believes assault weapons have any place in our community. Yes Chris Novak, I agree. Shame on you, council! Karen Enger, Rocklin