Market forces impact Rush

Reader Input
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Re: “Knight Obama to the rescue,” (Reader Input, March 16). It seems Mr. (Robert) Carrell not only got it all wrong, but probably gets women wrong all the time. Let me inform Mr. Carrell. This isn’t Obama’s issue. It’s been raised by millions of women and men who agree with them. Yes, we all have freedom to speak what we wish without going to jail. When one is in the public arena and earns money from advertisers it is market forces that control. Advertisers who do not support a commentator who expresses contempt for one woman and women in general consider their audience and their customers. (Rush) Limbaugh has lost hundreds of advertisers because they were appalled that he made such hateful remarks about one woman and women in general. Women are of interest to advertisers. Obama may be powerful, but he’s not that powerful. The markets decide. That is capitalism, not Obama. Theresa Cote, Colfax