Martinis an exemplary, superlative auditor/controller

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I would like this opportunity to lend my support and endorsement to Kathy Martinis, the incumbent Auditor-Controller of Placer County. I am the retired Auditor-Controller of Marin County. I have worked in the Auditor’s office for nearly 34 years. The Auditor-Controller is a critical check and balance within county government. He/she controls millions of tax dollars and other government assets. It is a “technical position” and requires someone with extensive knowledge of governmental financial accounting, auditing, and financial reporting as well as an excellent knowledge of local property tax law, budgetary rules, and regulations. It is my opinion, that Kathryn Martinis has the requisite knowledge, experience, and professionalism to do an excellent job for the residents of Placer County. The reason I know this is because in working with Kathy during my professional career, she has exhibited to me exemplary ethical standards and superb ability. Her dedication to her craft and the community is beyond reproach. In today’s environment of fiscal uncertainly and the complex mandates of the job, now is not the time to place a “rookie” in this position. An unqualified person in this key job can create havoc to an organization for years to come. Richard Arrow, Rocklin