Martinis makes fiscal sense

Reader Input
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I write to encourage Placer County voters to re-elect Katherine Martinis as county auditor-controller. As a county employee in the public information office, I met Ms. Martinis when she was hired by the board of supervisors to replace Kimbuck Williams as auditor-controller. She was professional, helpful and competent whenever I worked with her and auditor-controller staff to provide public information on their department web pages. When I retired and became an independent contractor doing business with the county in 2005, I saw another side of Ms. Martinis’ work. As a small business person, I tried to encourage prompt payment of my invoices by offering a 2 percent reduction in my invoice total for payment within 10 days of receipt, a common practice among small businesses. After a couple of months receiving payment from the county well after the 10-day limit, I contacted Ms. Martinis directly to suggest she consider having her staff take advantage of my 2 percent discount for prompt payment. She immediately made that standard practice in her office and, I’m sure, saved the county many thousands of dollars over the years through that action. I also appreciated the faster payment. Again, I recommend a vote for Ms. Martinis to continue good fiscal management within our county government. Susan Prince, Alta