Massive Foresthill Water Rate Increase Dismays

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I stopped in for a cup of coffee at the local Foresthill watering hole where the local see all; know all gather to solve not only Foresthill problems but also the worlds. The conversation was heated over the pending twenty (20) percent water rate increase and why so much in such bad economic times. Is the Foresthill Public Utility District in such disarray that no one is watching? 1 left dismayed at yet another tax, rate, fee increase forced on the public as officials always take the easy way out - raise taxes. Upon arrival at the grocery store 1 spied a newsletter with an article about the upcoming water rate increase. Not only is the water rate increasing by twenty percent but the Foresthill Public Utility District is also cutting the present monthly water allotment from 10,000 gallons, per household, to 5,000 gallons a month and charging all ratepayers for usage above the 5,000 gallons. Thus, this is a rate increase on top of another rate increase approaching fifty (50) percent as we will all be paying for an extra 5,000 gallons, a month, that we never have before. Inside the grocery store I am ranting and raving to the unfortunate employees that have to wait on me. We all agreed that this does not bode well for Foresthill residents with one of the employees stating that the Water Board meetings are filmed, as are the Forum and Fire Board meetings, and are available for viewing. As I was really dismayed now I figured I would try and locate where I could obtain a copy, of this filming, which I did at the library. Watching the last Foresthill Public Utility District board meeting, held on March 10, 2010, irritated me so much that the rate increases almost became a secondary issue. During the meeting District President Brett Grant congratulated District Treasurer Adam Larsen for doing a fine job in assisting him, on the Finance Committee, in developing the pending rate increase and reduction of residential water allotment from the present 10,000 gallons to 5,000 gallons. Then, to my utter amazement, District President Brett Grant sat back, smirked, and stated " that he and Director George Shaw have served on the Foresthill Public Utility District Board of Directors for fifteen and twenty-five years respectively. In all that time neither have ever seen the Utility District budget in such bad shape and didn't know how it got that way". I stopped the film, as I could not watch anymore. This public admission, on the part of District President Brett Grant of not knowing what, and how, the Foresthill Public Utility District went from operating in the black, to operating in the red, shows an utter lack of fiduciary responsibility. Are these three board members just asleep at the wheel? Are these three board members able to justify their actions, or inactions, as they basically operate without public oversight due to public apathy? Are we, the public, too "busy" to take the time to monitor the actions of our elected officials. But then again, would these same Water Board Directors even listen to the public, beyond the courteous head nod, smirking that the public just doesn't understand the complexity of the issues even if public input was provided. You decide, as it is your water district and your money. PETE MOORE, Foresthill