May decorum prevail à la Measure A

Reader Input
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I attended the debate on Measure A, Auburn City Charter, on Thursday evening (?Charter debate evokes passion,? Journal, May 4). It started out very polite and even-handed but descended into acrimonious insinuations that the spokesman for the Preserve Auburn, No on Measure A , Todd Stenhouse had some sinister reason for moving from Folsom to Auburn during the campaign. His residence is located outside the city limit, so he can?t even vote on the measure. It was clear that the promoters of the measure were getting desperate and grabbing at any straw they could find to keep them afloat. They cling to the position that a citizens? committee to study the proposal was unnecessary because it was all taken care of in-house by the City Council. The Chamber of Commerce ?Eggs and Issues? (Meddlers) meetings that included the charter as a topic were pointed to as a further input opportunity by citizens. I submit that these efforts are not tantamount to an impartial study, but the work of special interest groups to craft city law-making to suit their best interests. Let us hope that some decorum will prevail between now and election time. Joyce Beland, Auburn