May means ‘Moms on a Mission’

Stroller Strides rolls into Auburn Fit4Mom
By: Paul Cambra, Features Editor
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Auburn Fit4Mom
“Mom On A Mission Challenge”
30 days in May
Cost: $14.99

Stroller Strides
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
Where: Gold Country Fairgrounds
Cost: $50 month

Fit4Baby prenatal fitness sessions
6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, May 7 through June 25
Cost: $65

Plum Moms’ Club Playgroup
10 a.m. Monday
Where: Gold Country Fairgrounds
Cost: Free

Info: (530) 863-3298,

Stroller Strides long ago solved the problem of what to do with your young one while you exercised. Sure, Mom’s can leave them with a sitter or with Dad, but wouldn’t the child have more fun in the fresh air, on the go, with the occasional song or game of patty cakes to break up the routine?
“It’s fitness with your baby,” said Shannon Smith, of Auburn Fit4Mom (formerly Stroller Strides). “We sing lots of songs, play games, count; we interact with the kids so they have fun and mom gets a full body workout.”
That is the key. Before, if mom could not find a sitter, she skipped her workout. With Auburn Fit4Mom, that excuse is a thing of the past.
“We meet at Gold Country Fairgrounds. We are so blessed, it’s not your typical cement; we have rolling hills and trees and grass,” she said.
A typical class consists of cardio, strength and core. They tour the fairgrounds campus, stopping at a station along the way to do different exercises and activities. At the end, there is mat work, stretching and cool down.
While Stroller Strides three-day-a-week exercise program remains, the group now calls itself Fit4Mom and has expanded its reach from prenatal to play groups.
“We’ve added in so many elements, not just for mom and newborn,” Smith said.
Fit4Baby prenatal class is for first time moms who may not feel Stroller Strides is ready for them yet.
Body Back is a results oriented program, almost like a boot camp, where physical assessments are taken at the beginning and at the end.
The “Mom On A Mission Challenge” is a national contest where you can register under your local Fit4Mom chapter and compete for prizes such as strollers, videos and gift baskets.
Stroller Bar is a new fitness program that utilizes Pilates, yoga and ballet moves.
And the Plum Organics Play Group is for when the kids are slightly older and sessions are centered on themes, like alphabet or earth day.
Then of course, there’s Mom’s Night Out. For this one, you’d better get a sitter.
“We have about 10 members right now,” Smith said of the Auburn chapter. “We have one of the smaller groups. With our demographic we have a harder time pulling people in; we need to get the word out.”
Now that they encompass all stages of motherhood, there’s a good chance the local chapter will get larger. The Mom’s themselves; well many of them hope to get smaller. They’ll have a lot more opportunity to exercise and at least one less excuse not to.