May the overhaul begin, and soon

Reader Input
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The anti-government hyperbole fostered by extremists has led to a gridlock condition that is not only paralyzing, but is a national disgrace that has led to a credit downgrade, which in turn rolls downhill to financial institutions sitting on billions of dollars which should be used to help dig the country’s housing industry out of its quagmire. The extreme left has a patchwork group with varying loyalties sitting outside Wall Street offices with a Woodstock look-alike campaign. They don’t seem to understand that a properly regulated banking group should be the search engine for economic growth and they should target their frustrations at the elected officials in Washington. The right wingnuts are doing their own subversive thing, by just saying no to everything, hoping to end an administration. Of course we the electorate are partly to blame for sending these people to our nation’s capital in anger without understanding the unintended consequences. These government representatives need to understand that we the people are the customers and that a slightly revised quote from a former president may be in order. We are quickly becoming a nation “of the, by the people and for the politicians”! In summation, pass the job bill, remodel Social Security and Medicare insuring that they last and overhaul the tax system. Do certain people really think that millionaires are the small business people who will be creating jobs? Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn