Maybe speed bumps are only solution

Reader Input
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Re: “Cyclists, residents debate courtesy on roads,” Journal, Sept. 19: I’ve lived in the Virginiatown/Gold Hill Road area for some time and have watched, seen, walked and driven among bicyclists. Virginiatown road was a nice walk until a pretty 27-something lady hit my walking stick while I was walking the white line. The risk of being hit by a high speed truck mirror rounding the curves is often avoided only by stepping clear off the road. On several occasions I’ve followed large 4x4s pulling long horse trailers at 50-plus mph in a 30 mph zone. These roads are a personal race course for cars, trucks and motorcycles. A high speed crossing of the 20 mph Auburn Ravine Bridge seems to be a challenge. Motorcyclists see how far they can lean while negotiating the bridge. Ten yard trucks traverse the bridge with little reduction in speed. I have yet to see a bicyclist slow up, roll down his window and scream at a motorist. Recently an individual, incensed at the cyclists, told me his wife in their large Ford Marquis was pulling out onto the road when a bicyclist came down the road at high speed and nearly killed her. Unfortunately, that is the logic of many of the motorists. Roads are theirs alone. “This is my road and no trespassing.” There is no control on these roads. CHP rarely drives through. There has been no attempt to set up a radar stop. If the county is unwilling to enforce speed limits, why not install speed bumps on Gold Hill and Virginiatown like Delmar Avenue in Rocklin? They’re quite effective. Leave 24 or 30 inches on the outside edge for the bicycles or will someone in the county irrationally insist on running the bumps to the edge of the pavement – logic again? Can’t we make this county comfortable for everyone? Ron Rothe, Newcastle