McClintock ‘clueless’ about today’s war

Reader input
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From his letter in the Journal (Jan 12), it is clear that Congressman (Tom) McClintock is clueless about the nature of unconventional war. He thinks we are fighting the likes of Hitler’s Wehrmacht in Afghanistan. Anyone who disagrees with him is guilty of “fuzzy thinking of the left” or “politically correct nonsense.” Our troops should and do return fire when they are shot at. But insurgents will often place a mortar by a civilian home (without consent of the owner), fire a few rounds at our troops, and then rapidly split. By the time we trace the origin, aim our weapons or drone and then fire, we wind up wiping out a houseful of innocent civilians – and often the homes on either side. McClintock calls this “using our full might and fury.” I call it stupid. He bluntly admits he is quite unconcerned with “collateral damage” or the winning of hearts and minds. He should spend some time with our troops, from the highest general to the lowest private – as well as the top experts like Craig Mortenson (“Two Cups of Tea”). Ask them what they feel about the futility of fighting in Afghanistan without the support of the people. So we have another politician who never spent a day in uniform who is quick to commit “our full might and fury,” apparently unconcerned that what makes up that might and fury are the lives of our young men and women who we cherish. Marlene Aderman, Roseville