McClintock compensated handsomely

Reader Input
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Congressman Tom McClintock came up from Elk Grove (he never moved in the district) for a couple of meetings with his constituents last week. He did the people’s work six days last month and scheduled for four days this month. He has two budget meetings this week but nothing scheduled for his other committees. He did get an $11,900 raise from last year’s pay and is now getting $174,000 from taxpayers. The house is only in session from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (budget meeting has the same hours). That means McClintock gets paid $172.80 an hour to do the people’s business. Please don’t forget his staff is paid close to $100,000 and McClintock does not pay for car or plane or gas. That’s all covered by an expense account paid by the taxpayers. Now, Mr. McClintock, please tell us why my sisters and my mother have to take a cut in Social Security, something that took a piece out of every paycheck. After you pay Social Security for the first $109,000, the rest of the $65,000 of your check pays nothing. When I went over the max, it was like a raise. Only the people who make under $109,000 have to be fiscally responsible, right? Dink Lane, Garden Valley