McClintock: Fight tax hikes

Reader Input
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As one might have suspected, the smear campaign against Tom McClintock’s representation of our district, our families, our future prosperity, and yes, the country in general, has long been set into action. As my voice in the Congress, I urge him to resist these voices and continue to represent the interests of sound fiscal management. Were it that the founders had the foresight to have anticipated the growth and complexity of the country’s needs, they might have written into the Constitution the simple stipulation: “One bill, one topic.” Unfortunately, that was not the case. The tentacles of the beast “politics” have ensnared us, and have wrought what we are now facing: 1,000 page-long bills containing a myriad of amendments and attachments, non-sequitur appropriations for non-sequitur projects, and precious little (if any) time to read, digest, consider and react to the issues prior to being held up to a vote. Your detractors are having a field day denouncing your voting record on bills with titles that suggest they contain the panacea to all of the county’s ills, and your “nay” is evidence that your allegiance is strictly party-oriented, anti-Obama, and squarely against what is in the best interest of home, hearth and the United States. Please, I urge you, disregard these attempts to discredit your decisions and cast you as a mere party hack, as have I ... a lifelong Democrat who is ashamed at how my party has morphed. Mr. Congressman, please continue to stay your course. Please continue to faithfully do the job, as you have thus far, that we elected you to do. Donald Carrubba, Rocklin