McClintock good at drawing paycheck

Reader Input
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Mr. (4th District Congressman Tom) McClintock’s letters about water and rivers and dams are amusing. I wonder how daft he thinks his constituency is. It’s remarkable that since being elected all he has on his agenda is “cutting the budget” and somehow coming up with a plan for building the Auburn dam, asserting no taxpayer money will be spent on a dam. Seems he’s already spending taxpayer money since he’s spending his own and staff time, committee time, etc. on pursuing a dam. I don’t think any private company would build a dam without some massive federal guarantees of some kind. Call that taxpayer money or IOUs, either way it won’t be private dollars. There will be seismic reports, environmental reports, engineering estimates and on and on. Who would pay for those? Then there’s the expense of all the California state negotiations that would have to take place. I’m not sure taxpayers would want to give over to the private sector the rights to the water behind the dam, the public lands in any transfer, the energy produced by the dam, or the authority over the dam. Whose dam would it be? Mr. McClintock has some vague notions behind his dam pursuit, but they don’t hold up to scrutiny. Seems he has nothing else on his mind. He’s incapable of coming up with any original ideas that would actually help this district. He’s good at mimicking the standard party lines, collecting a paycheck and getting free health care. I would really like to see a solid original idea from Mr. McClintock. I won’t hold my breath. Theresa Cote, Colfax