McClintock is helping who?

Reader Input
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The rebuttal letter from Jon Huey, campaign manager, (Tom) McClintock for Congress, (Reader Input, Oct. 11), states that 90 percent of contributions come from “individual donors.” I have several questions: How many of those “individual donors” are residents of California’s 4th congressional district, the district Mr. McClintock purports to serve? How many of those “individual donors” became such as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case? And how does Mr. Huey define “small donors”? While I agree that Mr. McClintock has been more visible than Mr. (John) Doolittle before him, I would be much more impressed if he brought federal money into our district, if he were more supportive of the many un- and under-employed workers in CD 4, if small businesses were on his radar, if affordable healthcare was one of his priorities. Patricia Burke, Newcastle