McClintock insults public

Reader Input
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Tom McClintock must think we are fools and sheep when he said to Jim Ruffalo, “… it (the recently passed budget debt-ceiling) provides the president with a more than $2 trillion line of credit for his next political campaign.” How insulting and dishonest. McClintock knows the money cannot fund political campaigns. What is the real story? According to the Department of the Treasury, President Reagan inherited a $1 trillion deficit. He increased taxes and tripled the national debt from $1 trillion to $2.9 trillion. Presidents George H.W. Bush and (Bill) Clinton each inherited increasing debts and respectively added $1.5 trillion and $1.4 trillion, growing the national debt to $5.8 trillion. George W. Bush’s presidency inherited a projected $500 billion surplus. Through two unfunded wars, the unfunded MediCare Part D drug program, and two tax-cuts, Bush added $6.1 trillion, doubling the national debt to $11.9 trillion. President Obama inherited Bush’s $11.9 trillion debt, the unfunded wars, MediCare Part D and TARP, eight years of continually increasing unemployment and recession. Republicans demanded in 2010 extending the Bush tax-cuts two more years in exchange for extending unemployment benefits one year. So, why did Ruffalo include McClintock’s statement and say, “He’s (McClintock) 110 percent correct”? Ken Jones, Auburn