McClintock, kindly keep out of way

Reader Input
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Tom McClintock’s response to President (Barack) Obama’s State of the Union address is exactly why he does not speak for me as he apparently does for Kathy Twisselmann (Reader Input, Jan. 28). First of all, he says it is not government that creates prosperity but freedom. Whose freedom? I suspect he means freedom of big business from regulation by pesky government rules that protect us and our environment. That’s very good for the prosperity of big business! Mr. McClintock mentions wasting billions of dollars on subsidies for outrageously inefficient industries. What is he referring to? I can only guess. Mr. McClintock just plays to his tea party, fear-filled and mongering base, who instills the fear that evil government is trying to take over our lives and resources. It’s ridiculous that he expected President Obama to kow-tow to his party — the party that got us into this economic mess in the first place. President Obama has led the country in great strides forward from the previous administration. I would like Tom McClintock to stay out of his way. I’d also like Mr. McClintock to keep his dam out of our beautiful American River canyon. Paulette Walter, Colfax