McClintock a major letdown

Reader Input
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With the election of a new congressman, I was hopeful for an end to the partisan wrangling which has characterized this district for years. What a disappointment our new Congressman (Tom) McClintock is turning out to be. His spiteful partisanship and his unwillingness to deal with the other party are reminiscent of the worst aspects of the (John) Doolittle years. His lack of concern or responsiveness to his constituents is even worse. His unwillingness to recognize that we are facing a real economic catastrophe and that temporary government intervention is essential reminds me of no one as much as Herbert Hoover. He offers no leadership or effective representation whatever. What he does is to seek and collect the hefty campaign contributions from large corporate donors for his next election and perhaps look forward to the day when he can retire ? on a generous pension provided at taxpayers? expense. (This, for a person who claims he dislikes government welfare.) Sadly, I think we must look forward to another upcoming election to find the kind of positive change we need. TODD WILLIAMS, Auburn