McClintock must answer

Reader Input
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I have questions for Tom McClintock to answer but I don?t think a Town Hall would be the appropriate venue. Last year I attended the Auburn Town Hall and experienced what I would describe as a ?political rally.? Opposing viewpoints were shouted down by the crowd and Tom showed little respect for challenging questions. Since the November election is approaching, I think voters would learn much about the issues at a debate between Tom and Jack Uppal in a neutral environment (Auburn Journal?). I want Tom to discuss what he is doing to prevent another great recession/depression and the role that Wall Street regulation plays in that. And how does he want to handle the expiration of the Bush tax cuts at the end of the year? He supports the Paul Ryan budget which takes away Medicare as it exists today. How can a limited voucher system substitute for the coverage we have today through Medicare? I am very concerned about that. And I also would like to know more about the GOP war on women. Why did Tom vote against the Violence Against Women Act? Family medical leave? Gender discrimination? And the bill preventing higher student loan interest rates? We voters want to understand. Patricia Grenfell, Auburn