McClintock pleases crowd

Reader Input
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The Dec. 5 town hall meeting conducted by Congressman Tom McClintock drew a huge crowd of 800 people. He covered a variety of topics. With a show of hands, it was an overwhelming 99 percent opposition to Obama Care. The congressman explained that 80 percent of Americans have a health care plan which they are happy with. He believes reform is necessary, but destroying the existing health care system (which is the best in the world) is not the answer. The Republicans have shared their own ideas on health care reform, but it has been rejected by the Democrat majority in both houses. Part of their plan for reform involves revamping our legal system to allow frivolous lawsuits to be filed against doctors, and eliminating laws that restrict the consumer from shopping for affordable insurance over state lines. The congressman wanted us to know how effective we have been in opposing government controlled health care designed to transform our country into a socialist one. Attending tea parties and town hall meetings, writing letters to the editor, discussing the health care issue with friends, family and neighbors have all been effective. He said the Democrats’ goal was to have their health care bill passed at the beginning of this year, and they have not succeeded. Dianne Foster, Foresthill