McClintock saves freedom

Reader Input
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I have read “up in smoke” (Reader Input, June 16) and Mr. (Tom) McClintock’s reply. I am very pleased with Mr. McClintock’s voting record as my representative. He is voting as I would want him to vote. I do not believe it is the responsibility of our legislators to take our freedom of choice away by selecting what we may or may not do. Each law takes a little more freedom away and though the legislature might have our benefit in mind, in the long run, it costs us too much. He mentions many other choices we still have. Do you wish them to rule on those? We are burdened with far too much government and regulation and the effects of it are showing in the deficits. Government is the people, but the people seem to think it is their big brother who will feed, clothe and take care of them. That is communism, Marxism or socialism. No country has thrived under those forms of government. What made the United States great was our freedom to be whomever we wanted to be if we worked for it. The word is “work.” Government doesn’t make money except what it takes from its people. It has no incentive to spend cautiously because there is no profit motive and therefore it tends to spend recklessly. We need more representatives like McClintock who are willing to say “no” to special interests, lobbyists and other legislators. Thank you, Tom McClintock. Ann Laman, Auburn