McClintock: Show respect

Reader Input
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McClintock: Show respect Re: Congressman Tom McClintock’s town hall meeting on April 28: Congressman McClintock is supposed to represent all the citizens of the 4th Congressional District, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. At least that’s what he promised campaigning. Why then, when he addressed the (Lincoln) citizens in the town-hall meeting, did he frequently use disrespectful phrasing with the purpose of ridiculing Democrats, belittling laws of our land and the president of the United States? Where’s the statesman? Where’s the high-minded leader? For example, he continually referred to “Obamacare,” an inflammatory term, instead of using the title, “The Affordable Health Care Act.” His tone conveyed his disgust. He referred to “(Harry) Reid’s cowboy poetry contest.” Really! Is this the way to conduct an information forum for all the citizens? I wish to remind Rep. McClintock that Democrats are part of his constituency. We know when we’re being insulted. It’s time to stop the meanness and get on with the harder work of presenting accurate information without the political barbs and slants so we can all be better informed and work on solutions. Isn’t there enough fighting in the world without instigating more hard feelings here in Placer County? Letha Dawson, Lincoln