McClintock speaks for his district

Reader Input
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When I heard that a Placer County supervisor flew back to D.C. to solicit federal funds for some “pet projects” for his district from Congressman Tom McClintock (Journal, Feb. 23), I realized the importance of monitoring and publicizing the political conduct and activities of our representatives at all levels of elected and appointed offices. An elected school board member could aspire to higher elective office and, if successful, could achieve a state or national position of power. If, during their political ascension, it is determined by their voting record or activities they are not what the majority of the electorate supports, their political career could be terminated at the next election. The results of the November election indicate that the majority of the voters want fiscal responsibility demonstrated by their elected representatives through reduced spending, less taxation and following the mandates of the U.S. Constitution. When a supervisor castigates his congressman for following the will of his constituents and exercising fiscal restraint by denying his request for federal funds, it may be time for him to join the unemployed. Tom McClintock has proven to be an excellent representative for our district. Tom speaks and votes for the majority of his district. Nels Nelson, Penn Valley