McClintock staff provided no answer

Reader Input
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I am a Democrat and live in District 4 — within Mr. Tom McClintock’s constituency. I recently contacted his Washington office to voice my opinion regarding the budget deficit plans — I support President Obama’s plan. My opinion was accepted and I was thanked. I then contacted Mr. McClintock’s Granite Bay office where I expressed my same opinion. This time I was reamed with questions and almost hostile debate to prove with facts as to why I didn’t agree with the Republican ideology and the (Paul) Ryan plan. Within minutes, my friend — a Republican — called the Granite Bay office and expressed her opinion — she supports (John) Boehner’s plan. Her opinion was accepted with no questions, comments, hostility, or debate. I was stunned by the difference in attitude ... maybe the office staffer was having a bad day? In my opinion, I don’t feel that just because my opinion differs from Mr. McClintock’s, that I should be examined and tested as to why my opinion differs from the Republican ideology. Mr. McClintock’s office staff could not answer my question: “Since corporations and mega-businesses have been receiving credits and tax loopholes in order to ‘provide more jobs,’ is there any data as to how many additional jobs have been created since these tax incentives and loopholes have been available?” Lari L. Knedel, Auburn