McClintock stays away from earmark spending

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Remember when Charlie Brown told us John Doolittle was caught in the “culture of corruption,” and his prime example after Jack Abramoff was all those earmarks. While campaigning, Tom McClintock signed a no-earmark pledge, standing against the establishment and the wicked spending that has mortgaged our future. Now — President Obama has eclipsed President Bush’s extravagance, running a deficit equal to the last four years of the Bush administration in only 70 days in office. The Obama administration has restored integrity in government with a string of appointees that didn’t pay their taxes. Yet, six months ago it was Republican spending — McClintock’s per-diem, corrupt earmarks, we need change you can believe in. Today it is Republican obstructionists — McClintock voting against earmarks and massive deficits are called “stimulus.” Charlie Brown’s supporters owe John Doolittle an apology — because now they are attacking McClintock for voting no on earmarks Doolittle would have supported. Charlie Brown, had he won, would have voted to raise your taxes and for the largest deficits in American history. Nancy Pelosi would have been very appreciative to have had another puppet in Congress. Sorry folks, you can keep that change. Aaron F. Park Roseville