McClintock stuck to facts

Reader Input
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Larry Smith of Auburn (Reader Input, Dec. 17) accuses Rep. Tom McClintock of using “emotional arguments and empty catch-phrases” and “anger and fear tactics” to bash the government at his town hall meetings. In fact the congressman laid the facts out about our soaring deficit, the cost and reality of the attempted takeover of our health care system and the illogical reasoning used to promote the cap and trade bill. Thousands of residents of the 4th Congressional District attended Congressman McClintock’s town hall meetings held at nine venues in the past five months. The meetings were cordial and views were exchanged without resorting to name-calling. What we have seen is an unprecedented outpouring by the people of our district who are opposed to the attacks on our constitutional freedoms. To call those of us who want to debate the issues and explore the facts “fear mongers” illustrates exactly how shallow the arguments are from those who want to alter the fundamental course of our nation. Bill George, press secretary, Rep. Tom McClintock