McClintock supports return to middle

Reader Input
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I was disappointed to that the Journal printed the vile cartoon in the Oct. 26 issue portraying Congressman (Tom) McClintock as a far-right monster draining government. Not only is it bad taste, but false. First, it is Gov. (Jerry) Brown and his left-wing legislature that is draining local coffers. Second, what is the definition of far left and far right? I think we can all agree that the far left is 100 percent control of the citizens with communism as an example of the far left. The opposite to total government is zero government or anarchy. Where does the U.S. Constitution fit in the spectrum of zero to one hundred? The Constitution as designed by our founding fathers was right in the middle of the spectrum, giving enough power to government to protect the citizens yet giving the citizens great freedom to prosper. Congressman McClintock and the tea party are promoting a return to the Constitution which is in the middle of the spectrum, not far right. Willard Schoellerman, Auburn