McClintock swipe unfair

Reader Input
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The Auburn Journal takes an unfair swipe at Congressman (Tom) McClintock in its Jan. 31 editorial. It says, “McClintock comes back to the district regularly to visit with fifth-graders, among others. Perhaps instead of meeting with schoolchildren he could meet with local elected officials and help solve our wastewater treatment, traffic, school funding and myriad other issues?” In his first year in office, Rep. McClintock met with a wide array of city, county, state, local and federal officials in his nine-county Congressional District to discuss issues. Working with local officials, he has submitted funding requests for the Western Placerville Interchanges Project, the Lincoln Bypass, the Dorsey Drive Interchange Project in Nevada County, and the Interstate 80 Eureka Road Exchange and numerous other projects to help the district. The Congressman’s staff also reaches out to officials and business leaders on a continual basis. Rep. McClintock held 10 town hall meetings in one year to hear directly from constituents, and held a congressional forum in Quincy to seek solutions to over-regulation of our natural resources. In making these efforts, Rep. McClintock has met with eighth-grade students who are studying the Constitution. These meetings usually last an hour and provide a valuable forum to discuss the fundamental values that guide our nation. That is a valuable investment in our future. Bill George, press secretary, U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock