McClintock voting record misses mark

Reader Input
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I am surprised to learn that our congressman, Tom McClintock, was opposed to every position that the American Association of University Women (AAUW) took on legislation in the 112th Congress. The AAUW is a 116-year-old non-partisan organization. AAUW is basically a women’s organization, open to men, and is devoted to public service that looks at all aspects of legislation affecting women. Each year the organization considers the voting record of all members of congress and scores their votes and positions according to whether or not they support issues related to the welfare of society in general and women in particular. In the most recent Congressional Voting Record (112th Congress, First Session, 2011) Mr. McClintock scored a perfect zero; he opposed everything that AAUW found important to women! This is shocking; and it should be noted by all women when they vote in November. Since AAUW promotes fairness, education, economic security and civil rights, I am wondering how our present congressman could oppose everything AAUW stands for. As voters, we need to let him know when he is missing the mark! Jeanene O’ Brien, Auburn I