McClintock yielded why?

Reader Input
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It?s critical that we reduce our federal deficit spending. Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) offers a sensible analysis: Our tax revenues over the past 11 years were 16.9 percent of gross domestic product, but our current spending is 24 percent, up from 20 percent average for the past 50 years. Rigell proposes increased taxes along with reduced spending to get to 20 percent and a balanced budget; this seems a sensible solution. (Search for this: Time magazine has a recent article.) But for the GOP, raising taxes is impossible and our country will suffer with still more debt. This is because all GOP members of Congress, including our own Rep. Tom McClintock, have taken the ?Grover Norquist Pledge? to never raise taxes. I?m puzzled why any congressman would yield one of his fundamental powers to an entity outside the legislative process, viz., Norquist. I?d like to hear Tom in a moderated debate, not a town hall meeting, where he can defend this odd pledge that he and his colleagues took. By the way, Rigell has taken his name off that oath list. Ron Paitich, Auburn