McClintock's got it wrong

Reader Input
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On July 4, in a speech in Coarsegold, Congressman Tom McClintock called Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members ?thugs.? This was reported on July 13 in an article in the Sierra Star by Peter Cavanaugh. Why would our Congressman use such hateful language? There are 700,000 members of SEIU in California. Really, Mr. McClintock? Thugs? The dictionary defines thugs as 1. Vicious criminals and ruffians. 2 Members of a fraternity of robbers and murderers in India, suppressed by the British between 1800 and 1810. I ask readers to consider what good can come from a person who holds an important and responsible elected position branding 700,000 fellow Californians as ?thugs?? Isn?t this exactly what?s wrong with our political system today? How can our government work when government leaders begin preaching hatred like Tom McClintock did on July 4? I hope voters will remember this in November when we have a chance to pick a more responsible person to represent us in Congress. We need someone who represents all of us in the 4th Congressional District. We also need a person who works to unite us, not divide us, in a common effort to improve our nation. Tom McClintock has again shown he is not that kind of person. Doug Stark, Lincoln