Measure B the better bargain

Reader Input
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Measure B is necessary for the safety and economic recovery of our community. If it doesn’t pass, response times for fire and medical emergencies will go up. If that happens, the lives of the hundreds of schoolchildren in Newcastle’s four schools, and the lives of our senior citizens will be endangered. What will be the effect on homeowner’s insurance premiums? Our current premium is $1,510. I asked the insurance agent what the difference would be for our property if Newcastle’s fire station closes. He determined that the premium for insurance without the fire station will be $2,854, an increase of $1,344 per year. With Measure B, we pay about $2.80 per week for each parcel and in return we receive a new modern fire station, preservation of fast response times for emergencies and reasonable insurance rates. Without Measure B, my family will pay $26 more per week for less insurance coverage. That means $1,344 less money for us to spend in our local businesses or donate to our schools. Now multiply that by the number of parcels in the district. That could be $2 million per year siphoned out of our local economy by higher insurance premiums! Response times will go up. Property and lives will be at risk. Measure B safeguards our children and our senior citizens, invests in civic infrastructure, employs vital first responders, protects our local economies and is by far the better bargain! ERICA MOORE, Newcastle